EP4 – Dr Mark Fulcher: The ACC Sportsmart Warmup


My guest on the show today is Dr Mark Fulcher, a guy at the top of the game in sports medicine.

Mark currently directs everything medical for our country’s top footballers, and has travelled as team doctor for the All Whites, Football Ferns, the silver ferns, the NZ Olympic Team to the Beijing and London games, to name just a few.

But, a massive project Mark is also playing a huge part in is the ACC Sportsmart injury warm up, which we dig deep into on today’s show.

But also on the show we discuss what Mark believes is the leading cause of injuries in youth. And we get into the detail of the most common injuries he’s seeing, including what he calls as a “really crappy injury”.

Please say hi to Mark on twitter @DrMarkFulcher. He’s an amazing guy when it comes to injury prevention, and just a really nice guy.

I know you’re going to love this episode, I certainly did. So please enjoy my conversation with Dr Mark Fulcher.


  1. Hi Craig. There seems little point young players being expected to understand the benefits of / and complete the FIFA 11+ warm up in NZ Football enviroments like FTC, for them to then go and play Futsal for thier School and get knees and ankle injuries where no pre game warm up occurs at all. NZ Football should expect the players to be exposed to the same warm up routine irrespective of the environment they find themselves in.