EP6 – Ken Lynch – Winning vs. Development and Producing High Performing Athletes


Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another episode of the ADS… thanks so much for tuning in.

Now, if you’re interested in the best ways to develop athletes capable of taking on the mental and physical challenges of high performance sport, then this episode for you.

I sit down with Mr Ken Lynch – the athlete development leader at High Performance Sport New Zealand, who spends his days working with our national sporting organisations, helping them prepare athletes better for competing at the top level.

Before that, Ken Worked with the Irish Institute of Sport, creating talent development models for high performance sports in Ireland.

On the show today you’ll hear some of the most up to date principles and tactics for identifying talent, optimising potential, and putting structures in place to develop individual and team performance.

Whether you a parent, coach, teacher or athlete, this episode will will challenge your thinking, question why you do what you do, and provide some great advice to help you do you things better.

I know you’re going to love this one, so settle in, and enjoy, with Mr Ken Lynch.


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