EP8 – Helene Wilson: Talent, Cooperation in team sport and where success comes from in a woman’s team sport


This episode I’m chatting with a greater thinker in the game of Netball, Helene Wilson, she is a coaching guru and has just taken on the role of head coach at the Northern Mystics.

Before that, she spent some time with High Performance Sport NZ as an athlete life consultant, most recently supporting the NZ woman’s 7’s and hockey teams in their preparation for the Rio Olympics.

She’s also spent time coaching at a number different levels, including high school and regional U23s.

Here’s what on the show today:

  • Helene’s netball roots as a player and a coach
  • Talent and what it looks like in Netball – particularly the concept of resilience.
  • What Helene believes is her key attribute as a coach.
  • Growing the individual versus the team and why she focuses a lot of her time of self-awareness.
  • Cooperation in team sport, and why social media is making it more difficult.
  • The value of feedback and rewarding effort.
  • The work of Carol Dweck, and developing a growth mind-set in young players.
  • Leadership and what she learnt from time spent with former All Blacks Coach Sir Graeme Henry
  • Where success comes from in a woman’s team sport.
  • The yucky, dark place where the best kind of learning happens.
  • Drill and skills versus game-based learning, including some great little examples to use yourself.
  • Why Helene believes youth players are spending too much time playing games and not enough time practicing their skills.
  • Reducing the risk of injury by preparing the body well physically.
  • Some great advice from Helene for coaches in the development space, including what she thinks is their number #1 job.

Please enjoy.