Stress is the strain we feel before, during and after demanding circumstances.

It’s the microtrauma caused by all of the running, jumping and throwing we do in the game on Saturday.

It’s the butterflies in our stomach before a big event, an emotional strain that manifests in our physiology when a threat is present.

It’s the pressure of the biology assessment due next week.

And it’s essential for our development.

However, while stress is what changes us, an overabundance quickly leads to a devaluation of the things we love.

We get burnout.

Reduce unwanted stress

Monitor how much you are doing and the way it makes you feel. And ensure the environments you spend time in satisfy your core psychological needs.

When we feel understood and valued by the people we spend time with, and when we’re provided with choices and options that are enjoyable and significant to what we believe in, we experience less stress.