With summer fading and New Year’s resolutions forgotten, it can be a struggle to get up for that morning workout. Keep your fitness from flat lining with these five tips.

  1. Get social

It’s no surprise that for many people, exercising alone isn’t as fun as when you are exercising with others! Why not join a social sports team, find a training partner or sign up to a local club. Then, the hard work is done, just turn up at the specified time and go!

  1. Try something new

So running might not be for you, but don’t cast off all sports just yet. Try out something new (or even better, try out lots of new things) and find out what you enjoy. Like walking, trying a different class at the gym, boot camp, mountain biking or belly dancing?  Stepping out of your comfort zone will help keep your mind and body alert and adaptable.

  1. Set a goal

Whether it’s taking 30 seconds off your 3km run time, being able to bench press a heaver weigh, or drop your heart rate? Test this regularly and track your progress. Make sure you up the goal once you have succeeded.

  • The Ministry of Health recommends that adults do at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity five or more days a week. How would you stack up?
  1. Pick an event

Training for an event is a great incentive to keep you on track. Pick an event that inspires you. There are endless options like a 10km walk, colour run, harbour swim, or sprint triathlon… Choose something which gives you plenty of time to prepare, register straight away and start training.  See the Running Calendar for a comprehensive list of running events in your area. Regional sports organisations, like Sport Auckland are also a good way to find out what’s going on in your community.

  • The most recent New Zealand Health Survey shows that only 51% of Kiwis achieve the recommendations for physical activity.
  1. Track it

Stay accountable to your goals by keeping an activity diary. Simply write down a log of what you did; your run times/ distance, pool lengths, gym sessions and so on. Alternatively, there are plenty of apps like Map My Run and Nike+ that make tracking your progress easy. Make sure to take time and feel proud of what you achieve!

Take charge and get motivated, go on and feel fitter, healthier and stronger!

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