If you are a regular patient and know your physio’s kids’ names and what they get up to on the weekends, this is probably not the article for you. But if you don’t have much experience with physiotherapy and don’t really understand when and why you would come… read on!

Physiotherapy has many sub-categories. We at Healthzone Physiotherapy provide care for all injuries, conditions and facets pertaining to the musculoskeletal system. There are also cardiorespiratory physiotherapists who look after people with conditions affecting the lungs and heart, and neuromuscular physiotherapists who provide care for people suffering neurological conditions, like strokes, multiples sclerosis and Parkinson’s, among others.

In New Zealand, musculoskeletal physiotherapists are first-point practitioners, which means you do not need a referral to see us. We can file ACC claims, so unless you need something like medications or a medical certificate from your GP, you don’t necessarily need to see them first. If your physio feels you need to have a consultation with them, they can refer you on after they have assessed you.

We are trained to assess and manage all musculoskeletal conditions but you do not need to be in pain to come and see us. While the most common reason people come to physio is to treat pain, sometimes the goal of treatment is to improve strength and range of motion, remain injury free, or to optimise performance in your chosen sport or activity. This can involve an assessment of your body to see what is strong enough or not, where it is mobilising well or not, and summarise these findings in a way you can understand. We then assemble a treatment plan which can involve any or all of the following: strengthening, stretching, proprioception drills, cardiovascular exercises, hydrotherapy, manual therapy (including mobilisations, manipulations and massage), strapping, icing / heat, education and advice.

If physio doesn’t achieve your goals, or if we do not think it is appropriate for you, we at Healthzone do not give up. We have a strong relationship with GPs, radiologists and sonographers, sports doctors and orthopaedic specialists who we will gladly refer on to when it is appropriate. Sometimes it is appropriate sooner rather than later, and this is something we pride ourselves on knowing well through our many years of experience.

If you are wondering if physiotherapy is right for you, for any issue or condition, do not hesitate to contact our friendly receptionists or pop in to the clinic. One of our physios will happily chat to you to establish if it is the right place for you, and if not, where would be.

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Rebecca graduated from AUT in 2008 with her Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy and started working in a West Auckland private practice. She quickly gained an interest in sports physiotherapy including injury prevention and management. Rebecca worked for four years with premier and reserve club rugby teams including Waitemata and Kumeu / Helensville. She was the physio for the Western Pioneers team in 2012 when they won the North Harbour competition. Rebecca also practiced as a community physiotherapist administering the Otago Exercise Programme which focused on falls prevention for the independent elderly. Through these clients, she developed a curiosity in chronic pain conditions. While she has had plenty of experience in standard post surgical rehabilitation, she took a particular interest in Functional Reactivation Programmes, which work with people suffering persistent pain and complex recoveries post surgery or injury. Rebecca takes an interest in working with clients who have exhausted their channels within the health profession for the management of their pain and enjoys the challenge of helping these patients manage their conditions and return to activities of daily living. To aid in this work, she went on to get her Postgraduate Certificate in Rehabilitation from AUT. Rebecca’s passions include travel, yoga, food, comedy and film – don’t get her started on the topic of movies if you don’t have the time and energy to discuss them with her. She lives in central Auckland and is fiercely local – preferring to commute every day across the bridge than to live any distance away from friends and family!