We want our Swim School to run as smoothly as possible and for everyone to have a good experience each time they come to AUT Millennium for a lesson. A supervisor is on pool deck each day to help Swim School activity run like clockwork. From aiding children that are struggling with little aspects to assessing children when their teacher believes they are ready to move up a level, supervisors use their experience across the board.

As a supervisor, we are also available to communicate comments from parents to teachers. We understand that at times you as a parent would like to talk to your child’s swim teacher about certain aspects of their lesson. However, it is important to remember that teachers go from class to class, and each group requires our full attention right from the start time of the lesson. This means that teachers are unable to have discussions with parents at the end of each lesson as they need to teach the next class. This is where the supervisor can come in, to act as a link between families and swim teachers, and pass on any concerns or queries.

Supervisors are also there to help Swim School teachers with children that are struggling to get over the line with certain aspects of their strokes. This gives the child additional expertise and support to help fine tune their skills in the water.

When a teacher believes a child is ready to move up, they inform the supervisor and then an assessment is organised. We can also complete an assessment on your child if you believe they are ready to progress from their current level. If you think your child is ready to be assessed, or have any comments regarding your child’s swimming lessons, feel free to approach the supervisor and let them know. The supervisor will be more than happy to hear what you would like to be passed on, or if you would like an assessment to be organised. This can be added to the calendar and list of priorities for each day.

You are more than welcome to approach a supervisor at any time, so please don’t be shy to come and chat to us!

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Jacob is the Assistant Swim School Manager and Private Swim Coach at AUT Millennium. Jacob has been with AUT Millennium since 2015 where he became a qualified learn-to-swim instructor. He now assists in managing the Swim School as well as working with learn-to-swim students, both adults and children. As well as competitive swimmers and open-water swimmers who are trying to refine their technique in 1-on-1 sessions. His background in swimming involves representing both his club at National events, as well as New Zealand at International events.