EP 15 – Ian McKeown, PhD – Coaching Essentials, Movement Development, and Growing Up in Northern Ireland


Originally from a small town in Northern Ireland, my guest today now resides in sunny Adelaide, on the south coast of Australia.

Dr Ian McKeown, more commonly known as “Mackers”, heads up athletic development at the Port Adelaide Football Club where he balances the complex interaction of injury prevention, long term athlete development, athletic performance and elite strength and conditioning coaching.

Prior to his post with the Port, Mackers did his thing at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra where he got to work with the Matilda’s and many other sports.

On the show today I chat with Mackers about all sorts, including his coaching non-negotiables, his small town upbringing and how it influenced his choices in later life, and we dig into his expert thoughts on movement development.

Show Highlights:

  • Why Mackers hates the attitude “that’ll do it”, and thus doesn’t accept half measures from his athletes.
  • How to be a reflective coach and get your athletes to do the same.
  • How coaching youth sport during his teens gave Mackers the best possible foundation for working in high performance sport now.
  • Why fundamental movement competency is crucial when it comes to performing more advanced athletic skills.
  • Mackers very own science-baked ‘Athletic Ability Assessment’ and how he uses it with his players.

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