5 reasons why a notebook is a young athlete’s best friend


Note-taking is an excellent skill to master and allows you to monitor your performance and improve faster in your sport.

However, visit any youth sport environment today and you’ll struggle to see a pen and paper in sight!

Here are 5 reasons why a notebook is a young athlete’s best friend:

1. Stay on track towards your goals

Have you set goals for the new school term? If so, where do you keep them?

The key to good goal setting involved writing them down and reviewing them frequently.

A written goal gives you a clear direction to head towards and is a powerful reminder of what to focus on to stay on track.

Reserve the first pages of your notebook for your goals. You can easily flick open the cover and remind yourself of exactly what you’re working on to improve your sporting performance.

2. Get more out of every training

It’s easy to get distracted during training and fail to make the most of your time.

Before every workout, use your notebook to set a specific training focus that will help you to master a new skill critical to your sporting development.

3. Maximize your coach’s feedback

Have you ever received some great feedback from your coach only to completely forget it by the time training finishes?

Noting down the important stuff precisely when it happens allows you to thoroughly review your workout and learn more as a result.

4. Learn more about yourself

A great way to learn more about yourself, such as how you react under pressure or how well you communicate with teammates, is to regularly reflect on your performance.

Identifying where you went wrong will help you prioritise the most important things to work on in your development.

Spend a few minutes after every game jotting down answers to the following questions in your notebook.

What did I do well? What did I learn? What do I need to change to do better next time?

5. Highlight your strengths

Use your notebook to highlight to yourself the progress you make, the goals you achieve and the skills and abilities you’re great at.

Celebrating your strengths makes you feel good and is a great way to boost your confidence heading into a tough game or important competition.

Do you carry a notebook in your training bag? Share your thoughts below