Are your athletes listening?


Whilst setting up to present at a coach seminar on the weekend, the speaker before me jokingly noted – “most of us are just parents who have too much to say to stay quiet on the sideline”. Fair call I reckon. Good coaches do have lots to say. They usually have the answers to the difficult questions because they’ve spent hours learning the game and have often experienced the situation before.

However, it all counts for nothing if the coach doesn’t know how to be heard. In other words, their players just aren’t listening. Understanding people and relationships must come first. Good coaches are great marketers; they understand that a great idea and all the science in the world is only as good as their ability to get their athletes to buy it.

Coaches are you:

  • Spending time getting to know your athletes outside of sport?
  • Listening to your athlete’s ideas, feelings and needs?
  • Talking to your athletes on their level rather than yours?

Try these ideas with your athletes and see how they respond.