In the hustle and bustle of life it’s easy to make promises and plans and then fail to follow through with them. Training gets in the way, homework pops up or you forget.

Goal setting, performance analysis and making plans are all areas that are crucial to being a great athlete.

The best athletes say no to friends, birthday parties and nights out. The best athletes are strong enough to make these sacrifices and stand firm.

How often do athletes identify areas of improvement but struggle to find the time to put a plan in place, set goals or practice the area of weakness in their game?

Training shouldn’t be over after an hour, training finishes after 70 minutes when you’ve spent 10 minutes reflecting and reviewing. Bed time isn’t 9pm it’s 9.15pm. Monday evening is goal setting rather than television viewing.

Get a diary; plan your week, write down your goals, review your performance, take notes and be honest and critical. Make it visual and share it with a coach or mentor so you’re accountable.

Remember, the difference between the best and the rest is the best make time.