Dear Coach, all that matters to you is the result.


All that matters to you is the result.

You say that you care most about the intrinsic values sport offers, like fun, fair play, teamwork, and self-discipline, yet you systematically reward the opposite.

It never used to be this way.

In the old days sport was about self-esteem, work ethic and skill development.

Sport built essential life skills and attitudes for young people to learn because of their direct connection with academic, personal and career development.

That’s different now.

All your time and effort goes to the bigger, faster, and stronger players in pursuit of winning and the public recognition that comes with it.

You’re competing way too much and not spending enough time building a learning environment that ensures your players actually improve.

One in three of your athletes are sitting on the bench injured every week. Drop-out rates are at a record high and losses in self-esteem are much more evident.

You’ve lost sight of the essential intrinsic rewards that sport has the power to deliver – the things all successful athletes talk about.

It’s time you changed.

Sport is a vital part of our children’s development, even if their lives are rich with other interests, paths to excellence, and relationships outside of the teams they participate in.

As a coach it’s your words and actions that influence them the most. For better or for worse.

It’s time you gave sport back to our kids.