EP 20 – Martin Toms – It’s Not About You but Those You Coach


My guest on the show today believes that the what we experience as a child and the people we hang out the most has a huge effect on what we believe and the people we become as adults, which significantly influences the way we parent and coach.

His name is Dr Martin Toms, he’s a senior lecturer in Sports Coaching at the University of Birmingham, and is an expert in talent development and youth sport.

Martin has researched, presented and published in the area of the sports experiences of young people, as well as talent and participant development.

He’s also a board member of the “World Scientific Congress of Golf” and has recently edited a book on Golf Science.dr-martin-toms2Show Highlights

  • How reflecting on your childhood and sporting experience can help you create better developmental environments for the young athletes you coach
  • The importance of ‘sampling’ many sports as a young athlete and how playing one sport can really help your performance in another
  • The significant influence of community and social support in youth sport
  • The idea of a multi-disciplinary sports clubs and why they should be the way of the future
  • Advice from Martin on how to be the best coach you can be

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