EP 21 – Sharon Kearney – Netball and Injury


The show today is about two things: netball, and netball injury. And when it comes to netball and injury, one person comes to mind. Her name is Sharon Kearney, and she’s been working with injured netballers for over 25 years.

Shaz began her journey in Netball with the Otago team in 1992, toured with the NZ U21 team to Fiji the same year, and until calling time of her involvement last year, went to five World Championship and two Commonwealth Games with the NZ Silver Ferns.

Shaz now divides her time between working with NZ Netball on developing better injury prevention strategies, the Tactix Premiership Team, and her physiotherapy clinic in Christchurch New Zealand.

Show Highlights

  • Sharon’s journey in physiotherapy and how the industry has changed over the last 30 years
  • How the game of Netball has changed over the last 20 years and how it has affected injury
  • Why educating young netballers to understand their bodies is essential to prevent injury
  • The role of the parent and the coach in injury prevention and rehabilitation and some practical ways to go about it
  • The important of movement skill development and muscular strength, and how these things not only prevents injury but improve netball performance

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