Ep 74 -Dan Exeter – Early specialisation, the modern day sports parent, and formalising informality


ADS 074: Dan Exeter – Early specialisation, the modern day sports parent, and formalising informality.

On the show today, I chat with Sport and Exercise Physician and father of two, Dan Exeter. Dan is based at Axis Sports Medicine on the North Shore in Auckland, where he specialises in injury prevention and rehabilitation of athletes of all ages and walks of life. He has worked with a long list of sports at the highest level, including Australian Rules football, athletics, rowing, rugby, tennis and triathlon, however, more recently Dan has developed a keen interest in working with youth. Dan also holds a senior lecturer role with the University of Auckland.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Dan and I discuss the art of listening and why it’s such an important skill when working with people in pain, how the modern world has changed the way kids experience sport and physical activity and what this means for all of us, his well-informed thoughts on early specialisation, and much more.

I hope you enjoy it.

We also discuss:

  • Growing up in Wairoa in the Hawke’s Bay of New Zealand;
  • Dan’s journey into the world of sports medicine;
  • Why medicine professionals need to be better marketers;
  • How Dan works with young people and their parents to get the best possible outcomes;
  • Dealing with personal biases;
  • The silver lining of overuse injury;
  • The role of injury mitigation in schools;
  • Formalising informality;
  • Paying for the backyard experience;
  • The value of joining in the fun with our kids;
  • The challenge with living in a world saturated by choice.

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