EP 12 – Vince Minjares


Today I’m talking with Vincent Minjares. He’s a youth basketball coach, as well as a PhD student at AUT University investigating athlete learning and development through sport. And in my opinion, one of the most interesting guys in the business.

On the show, we cover all sorts, from what Vince thinks youth sport is for, to his coaching philosophy, and why he came to New Zealand to study it.

We chat about the messiness of coaching and why Vince thinks it’s such a beautiful thing, and how professional sport in influencing young lives.

We discuss fixed versus growth mind-set, what ’fun’ looks like in a training environment, and how you can improve you coaching, including some great examples from Vince.

We begin our chat with a fascinating discussion about what Vince learnt from growing up playing basketball in the backyard with his dad.

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