EP3 – Stevie Baxter: Cultural Diversity, Motivation, and the Impact of Technology


In this episode we cover the influence of culture working in such a diverse ethnic city such as Auckland.

We chat about the importance of listening, particularly when it comes to developing trust with your athlete and showing them just how much you care

Stevie Baxter (@stevie_baxter), has been working in sport across the globe for over a decade, with the past 5 years here in New Zealand.

Much of that time has been spent developing young Footballers and their coaches. But more recently Stevie’s served as a coaching and talent development advisor for Active Auckland Sport and Recreation.

We dig into Stevie’s sporting childhood and the types of games he got up to in the streets of Scotland, where he grew up.

We discuss how technology is changing the way kids of today grow up compared to back when Stevie was a kid, and why it’ so important for kids to develop an internal drive for play.

I begin my conversation with Stevie by asking him what he likes about his adopted home, New Zealand.

Please enjoy.