Winning vs Development


Win the game or develop my players?

A fascinating question.

There’s no escaping it. So much of success is measured on winning. And so it becomes the focus. If we win, my team looks good. If my athlete wins, the athlete looks good. And if we win more medals, we all look good.

But here’s the problem. You can’t control it. Even if your athletes play their best, if the opposition plays better, you lose.

Development on the other hand, is in your control. Every part of it.

Develop the individual, and they’ll increase their competence, feel more confident, and perform better. Develop the competencies that make a team, and you’ll end up with exactly that. And great teams do better.

Winning is nice. It feels good. But it’s short term, and unpredictable.

Development is about the long haul. It’s about having a purpose, and creating meaning. And with it comes a better performance every time. Which may just end up in winning.