Should you swim during winter?


Most people begin to learn to swim in summer as the weather improves and gets warmer and people spend more time at beaches, lakes and pools. However, did you know that the best time to learn to swim is through the winter months so you have a head start on the necessary skills for water safety? Learning and improving your swimming skills in the winter month’s means you can relax and enjoy the summer as a confident swimmer!

Improve fitness and build immunity

Swimming all year round also improves our fitness levels, strengthens our immune system and makes us more resilient to stress and illness. Make sure to keep your ‘little-ones’ swimming to experience all of these benefits.

Helpful to asthmatics

Did you know that the warm moist air inside a pool environment can improve an asthmatics ability to breathe during exercise? Swimming is a great sport for them to participate in all year round.

Getting wet doesn’t mean you’ll get sick

Contrary to popular belief, wet hair and exposed heads do not cause colds, it’s viruses that do. Most colds are actually caught in the Spring.

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