Athlete Blog: Tracey Lambrechs – Commonwealth Games Recap


We have a lot of catching up to do!

It feels like just yesterday I was on the Gold Coast, training hard, dieting and enjoying the 30 degree heat. But in reality, I have been home for just over two weeks, back working and not training. Over the next few months, I’ll fill you in on all that happens at the Games in regards to everyday life, training and socialising.

I’ll start at the beginning though. The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games were amazing. The venues were world class and the people were always smiling and happy to help. The weightlifting training venue was a 20 minute bus ride away, as was the competition venue, just in the other direction. We were spoilt with brand new Elieko training and competition gear (my favourite) in the venues. The New Zealand Olympic Committee also provided a private gym within our accommodation space for Kiwi athletes only. This was ideal for when I had short, sharp sessions. When I arrived, I still had two weeks of training sessions before I competed. The reason I went over so early was so I could drop my last 2.5kgs in the heat, get used to the surroundings and the food that was available.

The village is home to a lot of athletes for nearly three weeks, and is designed to help athletes perform, as well as have some down time and socialise. The village was divided into four areas; each had a certain amount of countries as well as a recreation centre. The recreation centre had a pool, barista and social space where athletes could just hang out and socialise. At certain times, more so towards the end of the Games, they had entertainers in these areas hosting silent discos or holding mini performances – some were very interesting. There is also a massive games hall where they had X-box, air hockey, pool, table tennis, an arcade, photo booth and karaoke.

One of the more popular spaces was the International Zone. There was a salon there where athletes could get their hair done for free, a bar, shops and some days markets were set up with goodies from all different nations.  Last but not least, there was some green space with beach chairs set up, and free ice cream and smoothies to help cool the athletes down in the glorious hot weather.

The New Zealand team accommodation really stood out and was an area, as a country, we were really proud of. Having the big “NZ” in front of our space was inviting and a very popular topic spoken about amongst other countries. Our colours might be very plain but they stand out and make a statement. I get proud just writing about it.

In the next blog, I will fill you in on my last few days building up to my competition.

Enjoy the pictures!

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