Gym member investing in future of tweens


Budgets, taxes, insurances, inflation… Money matters can be intimidating at any age.

An AUT Millennium Gym member has teamed up with his twin brother to boost the financial literacy of tweens (children aged 8-13). Paul and Craig Duffy have been educating children in the theoretical and practical components of financial matters for over a decade, working with more than 130 schools and 15,000 children. They’re now looking to launch a series of financial literacy e-books to educate more youngsters on saving, budgeting, understanding the value of money and preparing for home ownership.

Paul has been a Gym member for over eight years and loves the like-minded atmosphere of the AUT Millennium Gym community. “It’s a healthy environment and has a family-friendly vibe,” he says. “My favourite form of exercise is definitely swimming. I’m at the National Aquatic Centre most mornings.” Having been involved in karate from a young age, sport and exercise has been a big part of Paul’s life, and he feels the focus and discipline developed in martial arts plays a part in the ability to commit to saving money.

Knowing the AUT Millennium Gym community includes parents, family and friends of tweens, Paul is hoping the passion and expertise he and Craig have to share with young people is something Gym members can get behind. “We have launched a Kickstarter project to help us raise funds to produce our financial literacy e-book series,” Paul shares. “We are hopeful that the 2000-strong Gym community can help us spread the word of the project and raise the necessary funds for the e-books to go ahead.” Those who pledge over a certain amount are rewarded with access to the e-books for themselves, nominated tweens or classrooms, but Paul says there’s even more benefit for parents. “It is an opportunity to invest a small but invaluable amount in their children’s financial futures.”

The Bank Account of the Karate Twin series will address money matters in a simple, fun and age-appropriate way. Tweens compete against the main character in the e-books to save money and reach weekly goals. “Tweens are a great age because they understand complex thinking,” Paul explains, “but they haven’t been influenced by pressures at high school, and they have no debt. Many people actually have a stronger ‘net asset position’ at ages 10-15 than they’ll ever have. So it’s a good age to start with this education.”

Paul is excited about the project and the impact it could have on future generations. “Craig and I see it as a privilege to be able to put these e-books together and create a positive change in young people.”

You can support the Bank Account of the Karate Twin via the Kickstarter website before 1 December, 2018:

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