How Our Staff Use Evidence-Based Practice for Proven Results


At AUT Millennium Gym, our staff instructors and personal trainers apply evidence-based practice to assure our members and PT clients receive proven results. This ensures that our members and clients are given exercise programmes that are not anecdotal (opinion-based), but rather, science-based (based on evidence or fact).

By evidence-based, we are talking about exercises and programmes that have been researched and practiced in a clinical setting. This means, studies which are based on clinical expertise and not on what some internet fitness guru says. Besides, fitness gurus are usually offering you their “expert-opinions” solely as a marketing gimmick to get you to buy into their product or service they are promoting.

All AUT Millennium Gym instructors and personal trainers are required to upskill and continue their professional education throughout the year. This can be by attending many of the leading fitness education conferences and seminars held at various locations throughout the year. But, AUT Millennium has an additional professional resource located right within its own facility.

Robert Garza is a Senior Consultant and Programming Specialist who works alongside the staff instructors and personal trainers. Part of his job is to help upskill and provide continuing education to all the instructors and trainers. This way, AUT Millennium Gym can offer its staff and PTs their own in-house continuing education resource centre.

Robert’s background includes previously working as the Assistant Director of Biomechanics for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), an organisation that certifies thousands of personal trainers every year. He is also the sole representative, presenter, and lead instructor for the Resistance Training Specialist certification programme (RTS1), which has just launched in New Zealand.

Both the staff instructors and PTs love that they can continue their education and upskill their abilities in-house without having to venture far distances and or incurring extra expenses. Instructors and trainers can take advantage of quarterly educational seminars which are evidence-based and have both a lecture and hands-on component. Robert explains, “The hands-on aspect is crucial to making sure the information isn’t just absorbed by only listening and viewing the content, but also by practicing what is learned before actually teaching it to members and clients.”

Staff instructor Menuka Pilipitiya says, “It’s great that we are able to learn while on the job and to be able to ask Rob questions at any time, since he is on staff with us.” Robert also adds, “In-house education is a service that many gyms and fitness centers should be offering to their staff. I, for one, am happy to have the opportunity to successfully incorporate this type of resource into the AUT Millennium Gym.”

As a member of AUT Millennium Gym, be sure and take advantage of our Everyday Champion Programme. This programme is offered to all members as a free service that comes with your membership. Or, for that extra push or motivation, you can also hire any one of our 14 degreed and/or certified personal trainers. Just call us at 477 2082 to set up your appointment or to be in contact with out PTs.

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