EP 45 – John Lythe – Dealing with Failure, Monitoring Workload, and Being a Dad


My guest on the show today is a former sport scientist who now works with software tools and technology to help Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Nutritionists, and Performance Analysists in high performance sport environments do a better job.

His name is John Lythe (@athletefitness) and he’s a Performance Systems Manager at High Performance Sport New Zealand. John also has a YouTube channel called Excel Tricks for Sports, where you can find over 100 videos on using excel to build training programmes, manage training and monitor data, and prepare reports.

Before transitioning into his productivity and systems support role for HPSNZ John spent 15 years in the trenches, holding strength and conditioning and sport science roles for New Hockey and New Zealand Football where he worked with age-groupers up to Olympic level athletes. John also has a Master’s degree in Performance Analysis from AUT University.

In this episode, I chat with John about raising two young girls and how he sees the role of sport in their lives, helping kids deal with failure, monitoring athletes in youth sport environments, and much more.

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