EP 53 – Doug Gleddie and Lauren Sulz – Play, School Sport, and Finding Joy in Movement


It’s a pleasure to introduce two guests on the show today.

The first, is Dr Doug Gleddie (@doug_gleddie), Associate Professor of Elementary Physical Education at the University of Alberta, in Canada. Doug is a qualitative researcher, has 22 years’ experience of teaching behind him, and has worked with a wide variety of people and organisations across Canada and around the world.

My second guest on the show today is one of Doug’s colleagues, Dr Lauren Sulz (@Lauren_Sulz). Lauren is an Assistant Professor with a focus on physical education and health. Lauren completed her doctoral research at the University of Victoria under the supervision of Dr Sandra Gibbons and her Master’s degree at the University of Saskatchewan. Lauren’s works with teachers, researchers and community stakeholders to enhance students’ physical activity and health behaviours through changes to school curricula, school policy and school environments.

In this episode, Doug, Lauren and I discuss play and why it’s so important for learning, better models for school sport, the importance of physical literacy, and much more.

A few other topics we discuss:

  • Why time in the outdoors enhances sporting success
  • Where competitive fire come from
  • How past experiences shape how you see the world
  • The rise of organised activity and the negative impact it’s having on child well-being
  • Why teachers should provide more unstructured time for their students
  • The relationship between development and winning
  • What movement looks like and why it’s a great catalyst for change
  • Why joy is the foundation of being human

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