EP 63 – Will Roberts and Danny Newcombe – Physical Literacy, Constraints, and the Boing Programme for Kids.


Today on the show I’m joined by Will Roberts (@w_roberts6) and Danny Newcombe (@dannynewcombe). Will and Danny spend considerable time thinking about how best to develop physical literacy for kids. What I love about this is that not only are they doing the research, they are testing their ideas through a programme called Boing Kids in primary schools cross the UK.

Will is an Academic Course Lead and Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise at the University of Gloucestershire. He’s passionate about the sociology of sport and coaching pedagogy, and focuses his teaching and research attention in both areas. Will is also an UEFA licenced coach and  contributes to the innovative and industry leading Football Schools Programme as part of Manchester City’s football programmes.

Danny leads the Sport, Coaching and PE degree at Oxford Brookes University, where he is a senior lecturer. Danny is fascinated most by human movement, skill development and non-linear pedagogy. Danny is also the Assistant Coach for the Welsh National Hockey team and contributes heavily to the coach development elements of GB hockey.

In this episode I chat to Will and Danny about the lens they see the world through and how it has shaped their research. We discuss the constraints-led approach to coaching and what makes it so effective, and the boys explain exactly what the Boing Programme is and the success it’s having.

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