EP 65 – Dave Wright – Insights from Coaching Youth Football Across the World


Today on the show I’m joined by Dave Wright (@davewright07).

Dave is a football coach with 17 years’ of experience in England, Australia and New Zealand with players at all levels.

After leaving New Zealand in his early 20’s, Dave coached in Australia with Football New South Wales and Football Victoria. He then spent five years in the UK coaching at both Fulham and Brentford FC before returning back down under to coach the U20’s side at Melbourne Victory.

Dave holds the UEFA A license, FA Youth Award, and is a Co-Founder of online learning platform, Player Development Project.

It this episode, Dave discusses his coaching philosophy and how is has evolved over time, his experiences coaching in the English Premier League Football Academy system, how he helps his players develop emotional control, and much more:

Highlights from the show:

  • The significant role storytelling plays in youth sport
  • How to individualise the learning experience and why’s it’s so important
  • Football culture and the influence it has on the youth game
  • How English Academy football has advanced over the past 10 years
  • Dave’s definition of leadership
  • Why coaches need to remove their ego from the coaching equation
  • The value of strength based coaching
  • The importance of helping your athletes identify their ‘why’
  • How to monitor your young players’ holistic development
  • The destructive nature of sport science in youth sport
  • What needs to change in coach education to create better experiences for players
  • Sport diversification and why it’s so important for kids
  • Why learning and fun are the most important things to focus on in youth sport

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