As it gets colder and we get deeper and deeper into winter, I like to think back to 2008/9 when I was lucky enough to train in Finland during the New Zealand winters and have five summers in a row….those were the days. I don’t know how other people feel when it comes to winter, but I’m not a fan! I know it’s not cold in Auckland compared to some parts of the South Island but it’s still pretty cold for me. I sometimes find it quite hard to be motivated, get moving and get out of bed in the mornings….especially if it’s raining as well.

So to make life a little more exciting and interesting I have decided to incorporate some extra activities in to my life, obviously with the goal of it not affecting my weightlifting. If anything it will help me maintain my required body weight and bring more balance to my overall strength, flexibility and stamina.

The activities I’m going to incorporate into my weekly schedule include 30 minutes of one on one boxing, Pilates and water walking/rehab. I also have a feeling that Valerie will talk me in to doing the odd Zumba class with her… Variety and fun in between our schedules is always important, especially as hers is always so busy.  I find that doing a class with a friend makes life so much easier, the social dynamic and loud music just makes it easier to smile and move.

I feel like physically just being focused on weightlifting is making me feel slow and well just not like I’m getting the most out of me. I mean it could be the solo focus on weightlifting, could also be the coldness of winter or maybe even age just catching up with me…..Who knows! The only way I can remedy this is to get more active, get involved in moving differently and keep warm while doing it! I’m a big advocate for mixing up the winter routine and getting out of your comfort zone-it’s a good way to try new things, meet new friends and increase the opportunity to achieve your workout goals

On a separate note, I’m proud to announce that I’ve officially been selected to compete at the Commonwealth Championships and Oceania championships later this year! They will be held on the Gold Coast in September. These competitions will be the final box to tick in my Commonwealth Games Campaign. I’m looking forward to these competitions and representing New Zealand once again.