Mixing it up in the Gym with Blazepods!

Blazepod is a reaction light device which can be used by all ages and abilities. They’re simple and easy to use, and it helps with hand-eye coordination, agility, balance, core strength and speed, to name a few.

Blazepod can be used with any type of training. At its core is Flash Reflex Exercise Training, which calls on your reactions to visual cues to motivate you and help you get better results, faster. It enhances your reaction time as you work on your fitness goals, and can also be used to add some energy and enjoyment into rehabilitation and sports-specific training.

Anyone from elite athlete to our ‘average joe’ members can use this device to help them towards their goal. The pods capture your reaction time down to the millisecond, counting every tap and miss-hit, meaning we can track your progress and improvements in real time.

If fun challenges motivate you in the Gym, hit me up in the Gym or email me if more about how you could use Blazepod to boost your workouts.

Written by James Wikiriwhi
Personal Trainer
P: 021 120 4861
E: [email protected]