Karen from our Gym team has put together some helpful hints to keep yourself motivated to exercise during these lockdown weeks. There’s also a sample workout to try at home which involves no equipment, or creative ways to use things around the house!

#1 – Be kind to yourself. Feeling good about being in lockdown will put you in a better headspace to be training. Do not stress about “doing something”, we have plenty of time for that.
#2 – Find something that makes you smile. Doing something you enjoy is going to be far better at motivating to do it than a daunting workout ever will.
#3 – Try something new. Giving something new a go in the privacy of your home means you can try it without feeling embarrassed that someone is watching, and can help you build confidence your new type of exercise before heading back to the gym!
#4 – Check out Pinterest or some pages on social media for at home workout ideas/inspiration. Be careful to not get sucked in to super fancy moves or elite athlete workouts. Stick to the simple and effective moves that need minimal or no equipment to be successful and safe while training at home.
#5 – If you can, train with the people you are in lockdown with! It is always more fun to train with other people and can help motivate you and them during this time. Depending on the type of training you choose, it can also help “air tension” from being in lockdown together.

Dirty 30 workout
Do each exercise one after the other as listed for 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest/transition between. Do this for 3 rounds with 1 min rest between each round. Start with 3 rounds, then try adding on an extra round each time you give this workout a go.

Be sure to do a quick warm up before starting!

– Jump squats.
– Pushups (toes, knees or knees under hips).
– Plyo lunges (or back stepping lunges).
– Plank (on hands and knees or toes).
– High knee run (as fast as you can).
– Tricep dips (on a chair or couch, feet as far away from you as possible).
– Iron chair (against a wall, sit down in to a “chair” position, hold).
– Alternating side and front raises using cans/water bottles/weights/anything weighty you have handy (keep the arms long and elbows soft, working to shoulder height only to help reduce risk of injury).
– Shoot outs (on your back, bring knees and elbows in for a crunch then ‘shoot out’ the hands and feet long, then return to start position. Keep lower back pressed to the floor the whole time).

Total time for this workout with 3 rounds is 21 min. Each round is 6 mins with 1 min rest between.

Go hard, stay home – save lives.