“Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful” & ‘Believe in Yourself” are two of Lynda’s favourite sayings.

Lyndal was a  dedicated group fitness junkie for 15 years and struck down with back pain so bad it would make her pass out.

Spinal surgery followed plus a weight gain of 10kg which changed her life.  After using Pilates in her own re-habitation, Lyndal went on to qualify as a PT and Group Fitness trainer specialising in Pilates and Rehab.

Lyndal has since worked with re-habilitating some of New Zealand’s top athletes to people who simply want to learn to train again after serious injuries and illnesses, plus has worked in some of New Zealand’s largest gyms.

Lyndal is one of the most passionate people you will meet and has tailored her Pilates classes to suit both beginners and those who want to re-hab or keep injuries to a minimum.

Her style of classical Pilates combined with more clinical or physio based re-hab methods will see you using everything from tennis balls to bamboo sticks in her classes.

Come and join me and get moving again with Pilates. Prevent future injuries, get focus, alignment, balance, stability,  core control and a fantastic full body workout.

Group Fitness & Personal Trainer Certifications

Registered Exercise Professional (REPS)

Personal Trainer

Group Exercise (Own Choreography)

New Zealand College of Fitness

Certified Gym Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer

Amy J Pilates (Australia)

Certified Pilates Instructor (REPS)


Sports Performance- Nutrition (REPS) – Merit

Sports Massage (REPS)

 St Johns

Workplace First Aid


7 years in the Personal training industry

4 years in Pilates Instructing

4 years training in boxing and small group fitness outdoor training

Hobbies and Interests

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Kayak Fishing

Endurance Walking