Meet Karen – Gym Sales Consultant


How long have you been with AUT Millennium?
I started with AUT Millennium in November 2019, so a little over three months now.

What’s your background, and what brought you to AUT Millennium?
Before joining the AUT Millennium team, I was a fire fighter in the Royal New Zealand Air Force. A need for a change in lifestyle and career is ultimately what lead me to AUT Millennium, and my first job in the fitness industry!

Do you have a background in the fitness industry?
I haven’t always had an interest in fitness or the fitness industry as a career. Back in 2013, I joined a local gym and started going to group fitness classes, and I never thought that I would love it as much as I did! That love eventually turned into a passion for not just group fitness but living a healthy lifestyle and encouraging people to do the same. I have qualifications in Group Fitness Instructing and Personal Training, but currently only teach group fitness in addition to my role as the Membership Sales Consultant here at the Gym.

What is it that you enjoy about your role?
I enjoy the engagement with our current and new members the most! I love having the opportunity to say hi to members as they walk in the door and to get to know our new members signing up to the Gym. I also love having a dance/sing behind the desk – sorry, not sorry in advance if you are unfortunate enough to witness this, haha!

What’s your favourite form of exercise?
My favourite exercise is any type of group fitness/training! I love the energy of working out with a group of likeminded people, and depending on the type of class, there is sometimes that level of competition that can help push you through the hardest parts of the workout. I also love having the opportunity to instruct group fitness and encourage people as they work hard for their own goals.

Outside of the Gym, how do you spend your time?
Writing this makes me feel like an old soul actually. I love doing DIY projects around the house and gardening to have delicious produce. I really love cooking and creating tasty food, anything with cheese is a winner for sure. I think I find happiness in the simple or small things, like hanging out with friends, going camping, or going to the beach. Life is too short to not do what you enjoy at least once a day.

Do you have a favourite motivation tip or workout song to share with our members?
The best tip I can give is to test, try and search for the exercise that you enjoy. There is something out there for everyone and once you find what it is you enjoy, it becomes easier to make it a habit. Once it is a habit, you stick to it without even realising.