Meet Pax Patel. Our New Group Fitness Coordinator!


My passion for health and fitness started from a young age where I participated in every P.E lesson and sport available at primary school. I wanted to play everything, and I wanted to be good at it too. I landed my first job in a gym after finishing high school. Thankfully, it was an indoor rock-climbing gym as I had zero qualifications in physical exercise, but thankfully I was a better-than-average rock-climber.

Over the next five years my passion for rock-climbing grew and I was able to share this with children and adults alike teaching them how to scale walls and overcome their fear of heights. It would make my day seeing someone achieve what they believed to be the impossible when they entered the gym and leave with a smile across their face and a bounce in their step. This was the moment where I realised I wanted to use physical activity as a gateway to help people achieve their goals, the moment I decided I wanted to become a health and fitness professional.

Fast forward a few years of studying part-time and working full-time, and working part-time and studying full-time, I finally completed a Certificate in Personal Training and a Graduate Diploma in Exercise Science. Just like my younger days I’ve dabbled in a lot of different training styles, wanting to participate in everything. I’ve spent years in a gym working on defying my genetics and getting bigger and stronger, then moved on to conditioning my body and becoming fitter and faster. In later years I’ve picked up boxing, competing in my first corporate boxing fight in November 2015 and my second in October 2016, winning both.

I strongly believe variety is key in maintaining a healthy body and mind. I practice this by switching up my training, and you’ll often find me attending a boxing class, pushing something heavy in the weights room, or heading out into the wilderness for a hike. I’m humbled and excited at joining the community at AUT Millennium and look forward to meeting you all soon.