Fitness Instructors are gym staff that can assist you with your workouts, they can help you on the gym floor and write base-level programmes that will help you meet your goals. Their services are included in your membership price so you don’t have to pay to see them. You can see a Fitness Instructor as part of our Everyday Champions programme when you first sign up, or need a refreshed programme. They’re available on the floor to help with spotting or technique queries as well.

Personal Trainers are contractors to the Gym. They’re able to offer you longer and more frequent sessions, more follow ups, progress checks and a more tailored level of service than our Instructors. Personal Trainers will hold you accountable and check in regularly on progress. They’ll charge you a ‘per session’ fee, or a package price depending on what you’re after.

In terms of qualifications and skillsets, Fitness Instructors go through the same training. As REPs registered professionals, we all have a baseline of a Level 4 Certificate in Fitness. Most of our Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers also have a Bachelor in Sport and Recreation. Both Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers do regular professional development to maintain their registrations and make sure they’re up to date. Each has their own specialty as well, such as nutrition, stretching, rehab, pre/post-natal care or weight loss!

Why should you train with a Personal Trainer?
While most people are well looked after by our Fitness Instructors under the Everyday Champion programme, if you need someone to hold you accountable, or you want regular sessions, a PT is your way to go. If you have a specific goal or a sport you’re training for, a PT is usually the better option as they can work closer with you. When you’re choosing a PT, make sure you meet with them and work out if you “fit” and can work well together! Your relationship with your PT will make your journey a success, so find someone you’ll have fun working with.

You can learn more about our Personal Trainers by clicking here.