Spotlight on Ben Titford – Personal Trainer


How did you get into personal training?

The idea occurred to me when I was about 16. I loved the idea of helping people improve their health and improving their self-confidence. Pursuing the passion, I completed a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation, majoring in Exercise Science major at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). I then convinced one of the Personal Trainers at AUT Millennium, Thomas Henderson, to take me on as an apprentice and it’s been nothing but sweet times since then!

What do you love about personal training?

I love getting to know awesome people and becoming part of their journey toward enjoying their body even more. I especially love to share my growing knowledge about health and fitness in the hope it leads those who listen to a healthier and happier life.

What are your areas of expertise?

Most of my experience is in the area of weight-loss, but I’m increasingly interested in muscle development and toning, as well as core reinforcement and athlete development. Having the knowledge is only part of the process, being able to effectively communicate each lesson/principle to a client is crucial, so I’m constantly working on improving my technique.

Do you have a philosophy that you train/live by?

The “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” mantra is something that struck me hugely when I first heard it. This has led me to cut animal-sourced products out of my life, among many other positive and empowering changes. Empathy is at the heart of that belief, allowing me to understand others’ points of view and the challenges they face with weight loss etc.

What can clients expect when they train with you?

A bit of pain the next day. But first and foremost, my full attention and energy. I love finding out what motivates people and how to modify my sessions to fit their preferences. I’ll will use all my skills to get you the body you love as fast as possible. If I become your mate along the way then that’s twice as awesome!

Ben offers a unique 6 week programme to get your fitness sorted for life.

You’ll receive guidance, education and coaching and the programme includes:

2x PT sessions per week (valued at $60 each) +

1 cardio session per week (valued at $50 each) +

1 resistance programme per fortnight (valued at $50 each) +

1 nutrition plan (valued at $75 each)

= $1245 value for JUST $600

Other pricing options are also available.

One of our Gym members Michelle Keller recently completed the 6 week programme and shares her experience on training with Ben below.

What were your initial thoughts about the 6 week challenge?

I was really ready to get started, set a goal, put in 100% and stop floating around trying to lose the same 5kg I’m always trying to lose. My only apprehension being pre-existing injuries holding me back.

How did these feelings change after the first week?

I felt pumped and seemed to have loads of energy which was something I really didn’t expect.

What was the most valuable piece of information you took from Ben’s teachings?

I learnt to set myself up correctly and engage my target muscle(s). I also learnt how important it is to stretch and fuel my body with the correct nutrition post-workout. Eating the ‘right stuff’ is something I have never really bothered with and it made a huge difference to how I felt later.

How have you felt since the challenge finished?

I don’t really feel it’s over, it has become my routine. I feel strong, healthy and happy.

Michelle’s results:

Weight lost in 6 weeks during programme: 4.2kg

Weight lost 3 weeks since: 1.2kg = 6.6kg total

Measurements: 13cm lost and 36.5mm off skin-folds

So kick start your journey to a healthier, happier life. Contact Ben today for a FREE ASSESSMENT.

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