Now that winter has set in, outdoor pursuits start to get a bit more challenging as we lose daylight hours, temperatures drop and rainy days become more frequent. As a runner there are some pieces of kit that will help you stay active regardless of the conditions.

1. A good quality long sleeve polypro top.

This will keep you warm from the windchill but still breathe well so you don’t overheat.

2. Beanie.

A lot of body heat is lost from the top of your head so keep warm and avoid those winter flush by getting your hands on a good merino running beanie.

3. Ziplock bags.

Often you get caught out in a downpour in the middle of a run. A simple, cheap option for your phone, cards or keys to either carry or tuck into the pocket of your running shorts.

4. Old newspaper.

Running shoes can take a while to dry and unless you have a couple of pairs on the go, a good trip is stuffing them with old newspaper or junk mail then putting them on top of the hot water cylinder overnight. They will be dry by morning!

5. Dedication!!

Winter running is hard but training during these months is when you can really build good strength to get through that half marathon, marathon or triathlon over the warmer months.