3 steps to becoming elite


Over the past 10 weeks I’ve been helping 10 top athletes from a local school take the next step up to elite performance. We meet every second week to discuss new ideas to advance their development and reflect on how the last two week have been.

I’d like to share with you what we’ve learnt. So here are the 3 biggest things you must get right to improve.

  1. Have a good plan.

If you’re trying to get somewhere you’ve never been before a map to help you get there is crucial. Too many young athletes don’t do this. The first step in having a great plan is knowing where you’re currently at.

  1. Challenge the status quo.

If you just do what someone else tells you and don’t think for yourself then you’re selling yourself short. Endeavour to always be resourceful. Find out the best ways to do things, the latest science and technologies that might be useful and then think about how you can best make it work for you.

  1. Stick to your plan.

Making the plan is the easy part. But you’ll get know where unless you act on it. All too often a great plan is created and then thrown to the bottom of a school bag never to be looked at again. A new plan often involves change. And yes change is scary. You may be the only one out on the ledge taking a risk. But with risk brings limitless opportunities to be better and reach your potential.

There aren’t many athletes that can reach the top by themselves. Make sure you interact, just like the top athletes working with AD are, with other athletes who have similar goals and aspirations. Have a mentor, share your plans, challenge the status quo together and help each other stick to the path you’ve mapped out.