Meet the Team – Stef Niko


In the spirit of ‘Be the best you can be’, Stef is pursuing a long term dream as she moves from her role of Gym Instructor to Personal Trainer. A personal trainer holds you more accountable to help you achieve your goals as it’s more of a one on one relationship that is designed to achieve the results you want.

After working as an instructor for two and a half years, Stef is a familiar face to our members. “I’m always in the gym, I’m either working, or I’m working out. It’s my second home,” she laughs. She’s going down the PT route as she’s wanting to cater her experience and expertise to the individual. One particular area Stef is interested in is empowering young women by helping them gain strength and improve their fitness levels. “I’d like to help them do it the right way,” she says. “To help them have that sense of self confidence and satisfaction when they’ve worked hard towards a goal.”

She knows the benefit of having a personal trainer. Aged 16, her parents got her a trainer to help her with weight loss and general health. That personal experience adds an extra element to her expertise. “I can relate to having a lack of confidence in the gym,” she shares. “The male to female ratio is quite wide, I’ve been scared to go into weights rooms where there’s not many females. But I also know what it’s like to get more confident, improve, and grow to enjoy working out and getting stronger. I’m looking forward to helping members achieve their goals.”

Both of her current personal goals revolve around the gym. Physically, she’s working on increasing her strength and pull ups. The other major goal is establishing herself as a personal trainer, which is effectively running her own business. “It can be scary starting out, but this has been my dream for a long time, and I’m really passionate about it. I want my success to derive from watching members achieve their goals.”

She’s aware that life is about balance, and that it’s important to have things outside of working out which contribute to mental and physical wellbeing. When Stef’s not in the gym, she enjoys road trips and adventures, catching up with friends, and eating tasty food.

When asked what she will provide AUT Millennium Gym members as a personal trainer, she is quick to respond. “Motivation, and catering our sessions to your goals and what you’re capable of. I will give 100% effort to make sure we’re getting results.” And her words of motivation for all members? “Fall down seven times, get up eight,” she says. “You’ve got to get up and keep trying. Believe in yourself, and believe you can do it.”

If there’s a young woman in your life who would benefit from Stef’s group training sessions, contact Stef about joining one of the following groups:
– Rangitoto College Girls Bootcamp – 3.45pm Tuesday and Thursday
– Girls Strength Camp – 6pm Tuesday, 7am Thursdays


What’s on your workout playlist?

There’s a bit of Kendrick Lamar in there, ASAP Rocky, J. Cole, Outkast… I like something with a good beat.

If you could only do one exercise in the gym, what would it be?


Favourite holiday spot?

Mt Maunganui.

Cheat meal of choice?

Chocolate or ice cream. I’ve definitely got a sweet tooth.

What do you love about AUT Millennium Gym members?

They’re such a friendly bunch of people. I love the atmosphere we have. There’s so many positive vibes.

Contact Stef
021 062 6193
[email protected]

Instagram: @stefniko_pt