I recently asked this question to a group of school coaches from various sports in a professional development workshop I facilitated.

Here’s what they came up with:

  • Total inclusion
  • Orchestrate ethical and moral growth
  • Pursue personal excellence
  • Guide and support young people on their journey of development
  • Learn how to engage positively with others
  • Develop teamwork
  • Overcome adversity and develop resilience
  • Learn to be part of a team
  • Build relationships
  • Communicate effectively
  • Increase technical skills
  • Display commitment
  • Have fun
  • Express oneself
  • Open the doors of opportunity
  • Deal with success and failure
  • Understand oneself
  • Gain diversity of experience

Above is the accumulation of everybody’s thoughts. While similarities existed among coaches, everyone in the room gave their unique perspective.

The thing is, our actions are a product of our beliefs. Yet, as a result of a diverse range of past experiences, we all believe different things.

If we want a highly functioning system (and all the coaches I spoke to told me they do), we need to unambiguously define what we (all) believe in.

It requires vulnerability, openness to change and a trust in the power of collaboration.

Then we can get to work on achieving it.